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From time to time we receive books from the printer that have been damaged during shipment or sometimes we drop a book and bend a corner. These books will have bent covers, bent pages, bent corners, have minor stains, scratches, scuffs and other imperfections. In all cases these books will be in full readable condition and in some instances the imperfections will be hard to spot.

Prices discounted by as much as 50%. In many cases we have only one or two discounted copies of a listed title in stock so get them while you can.


Build Your Own Metal Working Shop From Scrap - Hard Bound Edition / Imperfect SKU 034 - Imperfect $75.00 $45.00 On Sale!

The Charcoal Foundry / Imperfect SKU 001 Imperfect $7.95 $3.97 On Sale!

The Metal Lathe / Imperfect SKU 002 Imperfect $9.95 $4.97 On Sale!

Build a Pipe Bending Machine / Imperfect SKU 021 Imperfect $8.95 $4.47 On Sale!

Build a Universal Coil Winding Machine / Imperfect SKU 014 Imperfect $8.95 $4.47 On Sale!

Build an Alcohol Producing Still / Imperfect SKU 016 Imperfect $12.95 $6.47 On Sale!

Building the Atkinson Cycle Engine / Imperfect SKU 018 Imperfect $24.95 $7.00 On Sale!

Building the Atkinson Differential Engine / Imperfect SKU 023 Imperfect $24.95 $7.00 On Sale!

Building the Tesla Turbine / Imperfect SKU 029 Imperfect $9.95 $4.97 On Sale!

How I Pour Babbitt Bearings / Imperfect SKU 024 Imperfect $7.95 $3.97 On Sale!

Build a 35' Tilt-Over Antenna Tower / Imperfect SKU 013 Imperfect $8.95 $4.47 On Sale!