Building the Atkinson Differential Engine (LOW STOCK WILL NOT BE REPRINTED)

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More Details - Building the Atkinson Differential Engine (LOW STOCK WILL NOT BE REPRINTED)

Written by Vincent R. Gingery

Published by David J. Gingery Publishing, LLC

ISBN 1-878087-23-1

8-1/2 x 11 Paper Back. Perfect Bound. 112 Pages.

Here are plans for building yet another one of James Atkinson’s engines. This engine is also among his early attempts at competing with Nicolaus Otto’s 4-stroke engine.

Even if you have no desire to build such an engine you will want to travel back in time with us to the 1880’s and discover how this amazing engine is able to complete all 4 strokes in a single revolution of the crank without the aid of timing gears or separate cam shaft. The linkage action and peculiar differential motion of the two pistons working together in the same cylinder of this engine is hypnotic.

Inside this book you get step-by-step instructions showing how to build the Atkinson "Differential" engine as built from the original patent drawings by Vince and Dave Gingery. A lathe, milling machine or milling attachment and other tools one would expect to need in a project of this type are required. Castings are suggested for the main frame, oscillating arms and flywheel, but none of these parts are so complex that they could not be made from stock material. Other parts such as piston rings are readily available from suppliers listed in the book. But if you want to make your own piston rings we’ll show you how to do that too.

A rare engine and one that is certain to amaze all who see it.


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