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How to Design Centrifugal Fans for the Home Shop (SOLD OUT)

$10.95 SKU 036
More Details - How to Design Centrifugal Fans for the Home Shop (SOLD OUT)

Written by David J. Gingery

Published by David J. Gingery Publishing, LLC

ISBN 978-1878087-40-9

5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Paper Back. Perfect Bound. 112 Pages.

Build Inexpensive Powerful Blowers For Many Uses. . .

Build a dust precipitating cyclone, design sheet metal transition pieces, balance a dust collection system, build a static balancing stand and more. 

Learn how to build a simple manometer and pitot tube and actually measure and fine tune your custom air system.

This book will show you how to take pillow blocks, shafting, plywood, sheet metal and other common materials and build a dirt cheap blower that outperforms any make-do blower you might fine on the surplus market.

Let Dave show you how easy it can be to design a fan that will provide the volume and pressure you need for the system you're building.

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