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Building a Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

$12.95 SKU 017
More Details - Building a Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Band Saw

Written by Vincent Gingery

Published by David J. Gingery Publishing, LLC

ISBN 1-878087-17-7

5-1/2 x 8-1/2 Paper Back. Perfect Bound. 152 Pages.

Here, you get plans for a Horizontal/Vertical Metal Cutting Bandsaw that you can build from easy-to-find angle iron, flat bar, rod, pipe and hardware. A small amount of welding is required, but most assembly is done with nuts and bolts of various sizes. Although a 9" lathe is needed to turn the 8" blade wheels, most of the other tools required are found in the average shop.

You get such features as: heavy duty construction, a work capacity of 12" width with a throat depth of 6". Miter cuts can be made by the adjusting vise. The saw uses a 3/4" blade and will cut in both the horizontal and vertical position. An efficient belt drive eliminate the need for an expensive worm gear. A specially designed locking wheel assembly makes the saw easy to move. And an automatic shut off stops the saw when the cut is complete.

This is no simple single-afternoon project. Many assemblies and sub-assemblies are required, although none is exceptionally complex. For all the work involved, the end result is certainly worthwhile. This is a machine you will be proud of.

To be sure, if you want a light duty machine that will do nothing more than slice off a length of bar stock, you might consider a cheap import. But if you want a hefty, high-quality machine that will cut large pieces of steel quickly and accurately, this project is for you. And the best of all, you will have built it yourself.